The campaign was launched by the Kingswood MP, Chris Skidmore, and has already secured local support from a number of key individuals, who recognise the importance of this new junction.

Chris Skidmore MP

Chris Skidmore MP for Kingswood (Conservative)

“I am delighted that the campaign for Junction 18A has been launched; it is an issue that has been neglected for far too long. There has been significant economic development in this area and we need a road infrastructure to cater for this growth and the future development that is expected here. I have been leading the fight for the new 18A link since entering Westminster and the need for a new road link is more becoming pressing than ever if we are to maximise the area’s economic potential and minimise future congestion for people living and working here.”

Cllr Pat Rooney

Cllr Pat Rooney (Labour Leader in South Gloucestershire Council)

“Local Labour councillors have long supported the principle of a new junction off the M4 to improve access to high-value jobs in our area, so I am delighted to be able to support the Gateway2Growth campaign.
Junction 18a will unlock the Emersons Green Enterprise Area and meet the increase in residential and commercial population in the area. It will also encourage other businesses to be based here, as the connectivity with the rest of the rest of the UK will be improved.
Labour locally supports Gateway2Growth and hopes it results in the new junction being finally delivered.”

Colin Skellet

Colin Skellet (Chair of West of England LEP)

“Businesses have for a long time identified congestion in the area around the Emersons Green Enterprise Area as an issue. The LEP are working with the local authorities on a joint study looking at the future transport needs across the West of England.  I would expect a new M4 Junction in the area will be part of this work, as it provides opportunity to improve connectivity to one of our key growth locations.”

James Durie

James Durie (Executive Director of Bristol Chamber & Initiative at Business West)

“Getting transport infrastructure right is vitally important to the long term prosperity and health of the Bristol, Bath and West of England Economy to give world class strategic connectivity for people and goods as part of a modern integrated, sustainable transport system. Whilst technology and the needs and choices of business and individuals are fast changing the 18,000 members of Business West - Chamber of Commerce for Bristol & South Gloucestershire have long recognised the need for a new junction on the M4 catering for a fast growing residential and commercial population locally and across the city region. Business West - Initiative has directly set out the need and case for this as part of a package of strategic infrastructure improvement across the northern fringe of the city - known as 'Enterprise Arc'. We therefore strongly support the creation of a new M4 junction at this point at the earliest opportunity as an important component of our transport system”.

Adam Ward

Adam Ward (Asset Manager, Quantum)

“Junction 18A would show any potential investors that this is the place to do business. Not only will it improve access for those driving to and from work everyday but it will also improve access time to the Park from all parts of the UK and remove the burden placed upon existing roads surrounding Emersons Green. The new junction is important and will match the ambition that has been shown by all the business who have already invested in the area.”